Australian Greens Annual Report 2014

From the National Co-Convenors: Christine Cunningham and Penny Allman-Payne

We have had a good year in the Australian Greens at the national level – a good year, but not a great year.

From the National Manager: Brett Constable

Our national office during this last election was a quiet hive of activity as we supported state campaigns with various activities.

From the National Secretary: Maiy Azize

It has been another a busy year for the Australian Greens, and the role of National Secretary continues to evolve.


From the National Treasurer: Diane Evers

The advances achieved as a national body should not be allowed to weaken. Now, more than ever, we have to work as one.

From the Policy Coordinator: Catherine Garner

This year the work of the Policy Coordinating Committee has focused on finalising the first round of key priorities, continuing the development of new policies, and beginning the 2015 policy review process.

From the International Secretary: Bob Hale

A huge amount of work has been done this year by the Global Issues Working Group, International Development Committee, Global Greens and Asia Pacific Greens Federation.


From the Parliamentary Leader: Senator Christine Milne

2013–14 has been a year of milestones, challenges and victories for the Australian Greens.

From the Deputy Leader: Adam Bandt

As Tony Abbott’s brutal agenda becomes clearer, one thing is obvious: the Greens are the true alternative to the Abbott Government.

From the Senator for WA: Senator Rachel Siewert

It’s hard to talk about this year without acknowledging off the top that we have a PM and government that seem committed to making things harder for so many Australians.


From the Senator for SA: Senator Sarah Hanson-Young

We’re just one year into the Abbott administration and it’s becoming increasingly clear that Australians were sold a bait-and-switch, all surprises, failure of a Coalition government.

From the Senator for WA: Senator Scott Ludlam

Looking back over the last 12 months it is hard to imagine how much the country has changed in the intervening period.

From the Senator for Victoria: Senator Richard Di Natale

We face a battle for the soul of our country, and the Greens are the only ones with the vision and courage to truly take the fight up to Tony Abbott.


From the Senator for SA: Senator Penny Wright

Again a huge year for the Australian Greens and my team, working in my portfolio areas of legal affairs, mental health, schools and veterans affairs.

From the Senator for QLD: Senator Larissa Waters

With the election of the Abbott Government, hard-fought wins for the environment and women’s rights are at stake.

From the Senator for NSW: Senator Lee Rhiannon

The election of the Liberal/National government has seen Australia shift further to the right on nearly every domestic and foreign issue.


From the Senator for Tasmania: Senator Peter Whish-Wilson

My second full year as a senator was very busy and I’ve never been prouder to represent the people of Tasmania and stand up for Green values.

From the Senator for Victoria: Senator Janet Rice

The next two years in the Parliament with the current Government are going to be a challenge.