Australian Greens Annual Report 2017

We play a crucial role: Dr Richard Di Natale

We’ve played a crucial role in improving laws, passing positive motions and helping to improve the lives of people who need our assistance.

Good, not so good and resilience: Giz Watson and Alex Scholtzer

Over time we are developing a high level of trust, co-operation and commitment in order to tackle the tasks of administrating a complex and growing political organisation.

Working with the community: Adam Bandt

Another year of politics has brought another year of capitulations to the hard-right backbench by Malcolm Turnbull.


Now more than ever: Senator Janet Rice

The last year in politics, locally and across the globe, has reminded us that Greens values are needed more urgently than ever.

A better world for the many: Senator Peter Whish-Wilson

We have not wavered in our pursuit of a better world for the many, not the few. And we have not wavered in our fight to ensure that future generations are actually able to inhabit this earth and share it with the rest of the vast and beautiful natural world.

And so, to an ending: Scott Ludlam

When these things happen, they happen fast...


Housing, democracy, gun control and more: Senator Lee Rhiannon

The Greens again prove we were the only party to propose actual solutions.

Uluru Statement, disability, equality and inquiries: Senator Rachel Siewert

With a state election shortly after our last federal election, a number of parliamentary inquiries and some massive campaigns over the last 12 months, it’s safe to say that myself and my team have been working hard!

Busy, rewarding and challenging: Senator Nick McKim

2017 has been a busy, rewarding but challenging year. I’ve been to Manus Island, joined with multicultural Australia to defeat the Liberals’ attempt to make it easier to be a racist, visited Jordan and Lebanon to learn more about refugees and foreign aid, and more recently mourned the loss of Scott and Larissa from our team.


A year of new challenges: Senator Sarah Hanson-Young

We live in interesting times and it’s abundantly clear that there is much to do in the battle to protect our environment, our climate and our children’s right to an education.

What a year!: Larissa Waters

I have been so honoured to serve as Co-Deputy Leader of the Australian Greens, and as the Greens Senator for Queensland.

Global achievements: Felicity Gray

It has been a big year of global achievements for the Australian Greens. I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved in 2017, and to be able to share this snapshot with you.


Preparing for 2018: Rod Swift and Catherine Garner

Our member-driven policy platform is one of the foundations of the participatory democracy within our party. This year the Australian Greens Policy Co-ordinating Committee has kicked off the latest review of national policy in preparation for an election in late 2018.

Forward looking: Nick Cooper

This year has been transformative for the Australian Greens. We have come together to define who we are and our vision for the future, as both a Party and a movement spanning the country.

One heck of a ride: Rebecca Galdies

This is my first contribution to the Australian Greens Annual Report as a National Office Bearer and so far it has been one heck of a ride.


Summary financial results: The Australian Greens

Summary of the Australian Greens' financial results in 2017.

National Office activities: Brett Constable

As soon as we wrap up one election campaign with our evaluations, we are immediately on to the next.