Alyce Nelligan

Senate Candidate for Queensland

Hello, my name is Alyce, and I'm excited to be running as one of your Greens candidates for the Senate in Queensland.

I'm a disability and community advocate, regional candidate and proud disabled woman living on Gaibal and Jarrowair lands in Southeast Queensland. I'm the mother of three young children, a diverse model for an Australian fashion label, and a board member of Housing is a Human Right

I grew up on the land in regional NSW and intrinsically understand the importance of infrastructure for regional areas, including access to public health services and public transport. 

I'm running because I'm passionate about creating a better society and ensuring everyone can live with dignity and self-determination. I know first-hand how important it is for marginalised people to have someone fighting for our interests. I know what it's like to be a forgotten Australian. I experience marginalisation every day as a person with a disability and witness how we are actively silenced. 

We still live in a pandemic and face brutal climate change, punitive welfare measures and housing shortages across the country. It's time to put dental into Medicare, build mass affordable and accessible housing, and fix our NDIS. It's time to elect more Greens to the senate! 

I am proud to be a member of a political party that will fight for the rights of people with disabilities and lift the voices of diverse communities to the national stage. Having more Greens policies enacted will make an incredible difference to our lives. Representation matters

Grassroots community activism is what I do. I am committed to preserving, restoring and extending our vital social services and ready represent to marginalised people in our community as your Greens Senator. 

Together, we can create a truly inclusive and intersectional future for all of us. Together, we are powerful.