Alyce Nelligan

Candidate for Groom

Hello, my name is Alyce.

I’m proud to be your Greens candidate for Groom because I’m passionate about building a future for all of us – not just one that benefits the privileged few.

I’m a disability advocate and activist, as well as a farmer’s daughter from a rural background. I grew up on Wiradjuri land (Gooloogong) and currently live on Gaibul and Jarrowair land (Toowoomba). I love living in this region and want to help others to have the same wonderful benefits and experiences I have.

I have a strong passion for social justice and work to serve those without a voice. I have a Bachelor of Creative Arts from the University of Southern Queensland training in theatre. I've been a part of inclusion workshops in QLD schools for over a decade, and recently hosted events to empower people with disabilities to directly give feedback about issues with the NDIS. I also spent many years as a Toowoomba City Youth Councillor.

As a person with a disability, I understand what it is like to be a part of a minority and try to navigate my way in an often inaccessible world. Every single political decision has the power to benefit or harm people.

I can't sit by and watch while people within our communities struggle to survive and the gap between rich and poor grows wider and wider.

It is time to address the fact that everyone deserves to have a basic standard of living and help. Everyone deserves to have their personal rights respected, and our communities must be accessible for everyone. Our community needs people willing to stand up for each other more than ever.

We must plan for a better and brighter future. We need a working NDIS, world-class health and education, affordable and accessible housing, infrastructure and technology investment, and action on climate change. The Greens will work to build happier and healthier communities.

It is time to create a future for all of us.