Stephen Bates

Candidate for Brisbane

Hi, I’m Stephen, your candidate for Brisbane.

I work as a sales assistant here in Brisbane. I have worked in retail and hospitality my entire adult life — listening, talking, and helping people for a living. My job connects me to our neighbourhood and people from all walks of life. It’s the kind of work experience that is common in our community, but rare in our Parliament. 

I went to high school in Yeppoon, in Central Queensland, before being accepted to study at the University of Queensland. Like many young people are forced to do, I deferred and spent a year waiting tables, saving enough money to be able to afford the move to Brisbane and the pursuit of higher education. 

While studying, I took an opportunity to work in the United States for the so-called “Happiest Place on Earth”, but the fantasy was short-lived. In the US, I experienced first-hand the oppression that comes from below-poverty wages and the corporatisation of essential services which puts basics like healthcare out of reach for many. My experience working in the US showed me just how bad things can get for people under a government run solely by millionaires, corporate executives and wealthy lobbyists and I refuse to let that happen here.

The political system has been rigged, but right now we have an opportunity to fix it. I’ll be working hard as the Greens candidate for the seat of Brisbane to take on these vested interests and force the big issues onto the agenda. I want to help my community, make our environment cleaner and our economy work for everyone. I will be fighting with everything I’ve got to stand up for Brisbane, for what’s right, and for our future.

Will you join me?