Our Candidates

The next federal election will be announced soon, and we're selecting amazing people to be candidates in every electorate, so everyone has the chance to vote Green. We're also out chatting to voters about our plan to win balance of power so we can make billionaires pay their fair share, get dental into Medicare, take strong action on climate change and make uni/TAFE free. Join us.

Penny Allman-Payne

Candidate for Senate

Max Chandler-Mather

Candidate for Griffith

Danielle Mutton

Candidate for Blair

Elizabeth Watson-Brown

Candidate for Ryan

Stephen Bates

Candidate for Brisbane

Melissa Stevens

Candidate for Lilley

Vinnie Batten

Candidate for Dickson

Asha Worsteling

Candidate for Oxley

Claire Garton

Candidate for Moreton

Nicole Cornish

Candidate for Hinkler

Craig Armstrong

Candidate for Wide Bay