My name is Amin Javanmard.

As a health professional, I've been on the front line in the battle against COVID19. I also own and manage my childhood community pharmacy on Brisbane Road.

While COVID19 is undoubtedly a crisis, it also gives us pause to consider what sort of society we want once this crisis is over

Climate change presents an imminent threat to our health and lifestyle on this part of the Gold Coast. Decades of inaction mean the window of opportunity to mitigate its effects is shortening. The longer we leave it, the more drastic our actions will need to be.

As a pharmacist and businessperson, I know the best time to act on an impending crisis is in the middle of an immediate crisis. We have the chance to turn this present crisis into an opportunity to build a better future that deviates from our pre-COVID19 trajectory - to one that improves environmental outcomes, without leaving anyone behind.

Sound crazy? Consider this:

In the space of a few short weeks before Easter, we saw the implementation of previously "impossible" policies like free childcare, increased JobSeeker payments, greater support for the healthcare system, and rental reforms. All of these were the kinds of policy outcomes the Greens had been advocating for before all this

Let's go beyond the lip-service offered by the other parties and put in place measures like universal access to housing and public-ownership of our essential services. 

Now is the time to invest in world-class public healthcare and education to rebuild Queensland. It's just common sense. 

If there's a lesson to learn from the present crisis, it's that we ignore science at our peril. Greens policies are science-based, socially informed, sustainable, and fully costed. 

By making big corporations pay their fair share, we can create thousands of jobs in manufacturing, construction of public infrastructure and renewable infrastructure. 

Join me to work together and create a better future for all of us in Bonney and right across the Gold Coast.