Amy MacMahon

Candidate for South Brisbane

I’m Amy, your Greens Candidate for South Brisbane.

We’re facing an economic, unemployment and climate crisis and we need a plan. But the political system has been captured by the interests of big mining corporations, banks and property developers, because Labor and the LNP take millions of dollars in corporate donations.

The Greens refuse corporate donations. So when I win, I'll always fight for you.

I am a carer and community engagement worker that lives in East Brisbane. I’ve worked in community engagement in the local government sector, working to make sure that communities have a real say on issues that affect their lives. I'm running for South Brisbane because I think it's time we had more money for schools and hospitals, and less for mining billionaires. 

Queensland is a wealthy state, but Labor’s recent decision to freeze mining royalties means that ordinary people will pay for this crisis. Instead, the Greens will make mining corporations, property developers and big banks pay their fair share in state-based taxes to fund our state's recovery.

We'll create tens of thousands of good, secure jobs with massive public investment in manufacturing, healthcare, renewable energy and public housing, laying the foundation for a thriving, green economy. 

Working alongside Cr Jonathan Sri, here in South Brisbane we'll fully fund local state schools, deliver new greenspace, and finally give residents a real say over development in their community. 

After 40 years of Labor in South Brisbane, people are ready for change. The Greens now only need a few hundred votes to win – and your vote could make all the difference.