Andrew Stimson

Candidate for Gold Coast City Council, Division 1

Hi. I’m Andrew Stimson. I have both education and business qualifications, work as a high school teacher and am an active participant in community groups.

My desire is to play an effective role in the ongoing improvement of our society and I see being elected to Council as an excellent way to be a part of an effort for greater community control over our city.

Our council needs to lead on global warming. The climate challenges the Gold Coast faces are great and experts are telling us we must act quickly - more quickly than those with vested interests would like. The scientific evidence is now very clear that unless we move to 100% clean energy by 2030 and cut carbon pollution to zero by 2050, our local area will be hit by more climate-related disasters like floods, cyclones, droughts and heatwaves. It’s time our council declared a climate emergency and had a formal plan for these climate challenges.

Currently, the Gold Coast City Council facilitates the expanding influence of big corporations and reinforces individualism and consumerism. We need councillors who will object to unsustainable, profit-driven ‘development’ and a review of Queensland’s planning laws to enable local democracy and put people ahead of developer profits.

Our neighbourhood plans should be binding, including height limits to end special deals for developers. I would work to:

  • make sure all major developments are "Impact Assessable"
  • strengthen community objection rights and improve transparency in decision making
  • prevent development in flood-prone areas, to account for long-term implications of climate change
  • ensure Councillors refuse to accept donations from ‘planning consultants.’

Homelessness has increased by 13.7% in five years. All Queenslanders should be able to have a home for life, regardless of their social status and regardless of their ability to pay. In Queensland, 29,000 are on the social housing waiting list. First Nations peoples, domestic violence survivors, and those with severe mental health issues are experiencing particularly high rates of homelessness. This must change.

I would encourage a sustainable Gold Coast, with active, healthy citizens who have better work-life balance and the time to engage in their local communities - communities designed for people and not cars, with local health and educational services and local food production.

I also support community events that build social relationships between neighbours, and behaviour-change programs that encourage values such as sustainability and equality.

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