Lauren Granger-Brown

Candidate for Gympie

Hi, I'm Lauren. 

Since moving to Gympie in 2011, I’ve enjoyed the beauty, productivity and creativity of this region. For over twenty years, my work as an English language teacher and teacher-trainer has taken me around Australia and the world, making me really appreciate what we have here, from the coast to the hills and valleys of the hinterland – clean air, fresh local produce, ancient remnant forest, and one of the most important waterways in the country, the incredible Mary River.   

We are the region’s strength. Every day we navigate what it means to live in a regional community in a time of rapid change. The opportunities for us to thrive are enormous, but we face threats like never before, and we must be prepared to meet these head on.  Now is the time for us to work together to build resilience in both our economy and our land base to future-proof our community.

Our local region has been knocked by drought, bushfire, extraordinarily high temperatures and the global COVID-19 pandemic.  People are doing it tough, and it’s not getting any easier.  We cannot afford poorly-informed, self-serving, knee-jerk responses to multiple compounding crises. We need to listen to experts, not political soundbites.  We need publicly-owned institutions that are well funded, resourced and ready to not only respond but coordinate, to keep us safe.  The voices of division have been given a megaphone for too long; it’s time for us to reconnect - we are stronger united.    

Both the ALP and the LNP take massive donations from major corporations, who expect something in return… and they get it. Major corporations don’t pay tax, and don’t deliver on jobs, yet they are the first in line for government handouts – that’s our money.  The old parties are letting these guys wreck the place by giving away our precious water and destroying our best agricultural land and ecosystems.  

There is a different way. The Greens refuse dirty corporate donations. The Greens are funded by people who want something better for all of us. There are more jobs in a clean economy, and The Greens have a plan to make them happen.  We need publicly-funded education as an investment in our shared futureSustainable agriculture. Free health care. Secure social housing

We need a new politics that represents our interests. For community. For country. 

Join me and help build our Green movement for change.