Mick Jones

Candidate for Capricornia

Hi, I'm Mick.

I was born and raised in regional QLD. I spent my childhood in Mt Isa, before moving with my family to Central Queensland. After attending Central Queensland University, I found myself in a long battle with illness. I owe my life to the nurses and doctors of our region - amazing people doing their best in an underfunded system.

You'll know from your own experience that our essential services aren’t being given the support they need

Public schools rely on fundraisers and fees to pay for basic materials. Childcare is more expensive than ever. Healthcare professionals are underpaid and under-resourced. In the regions, it’s a struggle to even find a doctor who bulk bills. There are massive rent hikes in Rockhampton and other areas, and trying to buy a home is nearly impossible, as wealthy investors snap up property and drive up prices.

Instead of valuing and investing in these vital services, the government gives tax cuts to billionaires and big corporations.

But there is hope. 

This election, we have a huge opportunity to win balance of power. Then we will push the next government to make billionaires and big corporations pay their fair share in tax and fight for a wave of positive changes: dental and mental healthcare into Medicare, one million public homes, genuinely free childcare, public education and healthcare.

We'll also tackle the climate crisis with a fair transition for workers in the coal industry and investment in jobs-rich renewable industries. 

The other parties put their big corporate donors ahead of people, but the Greens don’t take corporate donations. That means we’re the only party who will really fight for Central Queensland.

Together, we can make the big end of town pay their fair share and give every Aussie access to the things they need to live a good life.

Will you help me make it happen?