Hi, I'm Mick.

I was born and raised in regional Queensland, my childhood spent in Mt Isa, before moving with my family to Rockhampton. After attending CQU, I found myself in a long battle with illness. I owe my life to the nurses and doctors of Rockhampton, amazing people doing their best in an underfunded regional system. In regional Queensland, our services aren't given the support they need.

We see this in health, education, housing. People get by with less and less, small businesses close their doors, work is scarce. For every job on offer in Queensland, 15 people are looking for work.

Taxpayers give the mining industry billions in subsidies, but new mega coal mines offer fewer and fewer jobs, with more contractors, fewer apprentices, and worse pay and conditions. New mega coal mines will make big profits for billionaires, and leave Central Queensland with the same problems it had before.

The political system has been captured by big mining corporations, banks and property developers, because Labor and the LNP take millions of dollars in corporate donations. Other parties are putting their hand out the same way. But the Greens don't take corporate cash. The Greens are the only ones telling the truth about the mess the politicians have made.

The Greens will make property developers, mining corporations, and big banks pay their fair share, to fund our region's recovery. We have the only real plan for Rockhampton, and we will fight for you because we don't take corporate cash.

The Greens will establish a wind turbine factory in Rockhampton with a capacity to manufacture 250MW of wind turbines by 2023, creating 425 jobs a year, and manufacture up to 100 wind turbines a year. We'll build a green steel mill in Gladstone to help supply that factory in Rocky. And that's just for starters!

Rockhampton should be a booming hub for innovation, education, support services and manufacturing, plugging into projects all over Central Queensland.

Statewide we'll create tens of thousands of good, secure jobs with massive public investment in manufacturing, healthcare, renewable energy and public housing, laying the foundation for a thriving, green economy. All of it publicly owned, to keep the profits in the regions and provide good wages and conditions.