Hello, my name is Navdeep.

I am a Mechanical Engineer with a Graduate Certificate in Environmental Engineering & have worked in technical and management roles both in Australia and overseas. I started calling Queensland my home in 2007. Since then, I have been through a very steep learning curve. I was made redundant in one job after another. Finally, after declining a job offer from a prestigious mining company, I used a small investment to start my own mechanic business. 

I moved to Springfield in 2009. Like most of us, I work hard to pay the bills. We’re all either paying our own mortgage or someone else’s. We live in a resource-rich lucky country, and we are one of the least densely populated developed nations. But we are paying the most expensive house prices. Somehow the moment developers touch the land, they become billionaires, and everyday people like you and me become debt-ridden.

We face traffic bottlenecks every day because infrastructure is not able to keep up with the growing number of dwellings in our area. The rates go up every year, but not the infrastructure. The blocks are getting smaller, and house prices are going up, as do the profits of developers. Every morning, no matter how far we drive to Brisbane, we need to allow nearly 15-20 minutes extra just to get there.

So many retired politicians work as lobbyists or as full-time employees of big corporations. Locally, they are trying to turn our beautiful area into the waste capital of Queensland. The proposed waste incinerator threatens to make it the cancer capital of Queensland as well. I have seen the devastating consequences of environmental neglect back in India. I came from an affluent agricultural area previously known as the food bowl. But due to mismanagement of groundwater, it is now unfortunately known as the cancer belt. I find it very disturbing to see similar practices in Australia. No amount of monetary benefits can compensate for the damage to the environmental or physical health of our community.

I have the first-hand experience of life as a commoner who has seen rejection and worked my way up by hard work and managing my finances smartly. It was this feeling of being neglected by out of touch elected representatives that drove me to be politically involved.

I am committed to bringing the voices of everyday people to the decision-making table and striking a balance between development and environmental protection. 

With your help, we can replace our out-of-touch representatives and protect our community. Please join the campaign.