Nicole Thompson

Candidate for Wright


Hello! I'm Nicole, your Greens candidate for the electorate of Wright.

I'm a nurse and midwife and have been a mother to a child with disabilities and a foster carer. 

I'm increasingly concerned about the course our country is on. We need to act now to tackle climate change and build a fair and compassionate society for everyone. That's why I'm stepping up this election. 

We can make life manageable for people with disabilities by fixing the NDIS. We can sort out our housing crisis by building affordable, sustainable housing for everyone and strengthening renters rights in the meanwhile. 

Let's ensure women's safety by funding frontline services and promoting behavioural change programmes. Let's include dental and mental health in Medicare.

Being part of the Greens heartens me. Our policies and values are based on science and kindness and contain the solutions to Australia's problems. 

By electing more women and those with more diverse lived experiences to parliament, we can change the culture and direction of our government to be more inclusive and respectful. 

Let's go!