Hi, I'm Paul

I'm an Architectural Technician, musician and native vegetation manager. 

I was born in Rockhampton and educated in Brisbane. I've worked across Australia and overseas, including as a tour guide and fishing instructor, on the Great Barrier Reef and Fraser Island, and travelled extensively across Europe and Asia. 

Edwina, my partner of 35 years, and I are parents to Clancy and Nooroobunda and grandparents to Azariah. We have a dog named Tili. We try to live our lives simply, to leave a smaller footprint on the planet.

As coordinator of successive Green Army teams, I have introduced many at-risk youths to the Australian bush. I'm passionate about inclusive community, volunteering for many years with Landcare, Clean Up Australia, local school parents and citizens associations,, the permaculture movement, Coowonga Folk Music Club and Capricorn Conservation Council.  

I was green before I was a Green. A humble tree planter and re-cycling geek, I came to realise that environmental solutions are community and human solutions: a functioning democracy does not destroy its ecosystem. 

Politicians have given politics a bad name because they increasingly represent their billionaire donors, not the ordinary people who elected them. It's no wonder people feel neglected. It's harder and harder to afford a home to live in or retrain for a new career, let alone make ends meet. 

But it doesn't have to be this way. 

The Greens will reduce cost of living expenses by putting dental and mental health into Medicare, building one million public homes across Australia, and protecting renter's rights. We can lift all income support payments above the poverty line to $88 a day, make all education free from childcare to university and TAFE, and scrap student debt. 

We'll pay for this by making billionaires and big corporations - not ordinary people - pay their fair share in tax. 

The Greens are offering a ten-year job guarantee for coal workers by providing a wage subsidy for those moving to the clean energy and mining sectors – as much as half their current wages for a decade

We will support ongoing jobs in Australia's mining sector and leave no worker or community behind. And we'll fund this by abolishing public money fossil fuel subsidies to coal mine owning billionaires

I see "politics" in all human interactions. For me, the Greens are a beacon of hope for a saner, fairer, peaceful and greener world. 

Together, we are powerful.