Renay Wells

Candidate for Fisher

Hi! My name is Renay.

I grew up in Bundaberg and inner-north Brisbane. I've finally returned to paradise, the Sunshine Coast, specifically Golden Beach, after 17 years. I spent the time in-between, living and working in Sydney, Shanghai, and Los Angeles. I'm a beachy South-east Queensland girl through and through.

I've worked in the fashion industry for the last 26 years, focusing on designing and producing swim and surfwear apparel and accessories. 

I'm currently completing my MBA, and issues around sustainability within my industry and the world around us have me fired up! Australia must not only lead the manufacturing revival but invest in sustainable infrastructure powered by renewable energy to fight the climate emergency. 

The pandemic has shown us how much we rely on the offshore supply chain. While ordinary people took a financial hit, billionaires and big corporations like Amazon made massive profits. They've profited from our hard-earned dollars for long enough. 

We can put dental and mental health into Medicare, build enough public homes so that nobody struggles to have a roof over their heads, scrap student debt, and make all education and training, from childcare through TAFE and university, truly free. All paid for by making billionaires and big corporations, not ordinary people, pay their fair share in tax.

I want to live in a caring, sustainable and progressive society with a government that puts our communities first. That's why I'm proud to stand for the Greens. 

We have your back