Sue Etheridge

Candidate for Nicklin

Hi! I'm Sue.

The Sunshine Coast Hinterland has been my home for over 38 years and is where I raised my daughter and son. I currently reside on a rural acreage with my extended family and a menagerie of birds and animals.

I'm a small business owner (I part-own and help run a building company and an aviation theory school) and have extensive experience in banking, finance and business management. I also volunteer in finance roles with several community and not-for-profit organisations.

I'm tired of the stale old politics dominated by the LNP and Labor that has let us all down, and frustrated with career politicians who place the interests of big business ahead of our community

By making the big end of town pay their fair share in corporate taxes and royalties, we can make sure everyone has somewhere to call home, a meaningful job, free universal health and education, reliable and affordable public transport, and 100% publicly owned clean energy and water.

The Greens have a comprehensive, evidence-based, costed plan for Queensland, and we need more Greens MPs elected to make it happen. A vote for us is a vote for change. 

Let's do politics differently.