Vinnie Batten

Candidate for Dickson

Hi, I'm Vinnie and I'm your candidate for Dickson.

I’m an environmental scientist, disability advocate, and small business owner.

The current political system is failing Australians. Key decisions are being made for short-term political gain rather than the long-term interests of us all. This continues the status-quo of inequality in our communities, and the exploitation of our planet. 

COVID-19 has highlighted the fragility of our everyday lives, and left many of us desperate to see a change that focuses on solving long-term problems and leadership that will keep us safe when we need it most.

I’m running for the Greens because I want to stand up for everyday Australians. 

I will be your voice in federal parliament to push for strong action on the climate crisis, tackle inequality to take care of our vulnerable, and make billionaires and big corporations pay their fair share to fund the quality services a wealthy country like Australia can afford including dental and mental health into Medicare, one million new homes, free childcare, free TAFE and university and investment in sustainable infrastructure from renewables to high-speed rail.

I would love to hear your thoughts, ideas and concerns as we work together to make Dickson and Australia a better place to live. 

With your support, we can kick this government out and help put the Greens into balance of power, where we’ll fight relentlessly to create a fairer future for all of us. 

Will you join me?