Australian Greens Annual Report 2019

There’s a lot more in store: Richard Di Natale

In 2019, the Greens’ purpose has never been clearer. We are the only party campaigning for genuine action on our climate emergency – and standing against the government’s cruel brand of division and hatred.

Another spectacular year: the National Co-Convenors

2019 has been another spectacular year for the Australian Greens.

The real opposition: Adam Bandt

This must be the year we make our voices heard outside of Parliament as well as within.



A future worth fighting for: Janet Rice

Greens in the parliament are playing our part in the growing, powerful movement for a healthy and safe future for all of us.

Onward and upward: Peter Whish-Wilson

In May, millions of voters validated that we have a rightful  place in Canberra as a third force in national politics.

Remembering our roots: Jordon Steele-John

I’m so immensely proud of what we’ve achieved together and I am so excited to see what else we can achieve over the next six years.



What a year it’s been: Larissa Waters

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who worked so hard to achieve our electoral goals in the face of increasing adversity.

The resistance continues: Nick McKim

We are facing unprecedented challenges of climate emergency, biodiversity crisis and rampant wealth inequality – but we are absolutely up for the fight.

A year of important campaigns: Rachel Siewert

I’ve spent the past year working on some very important campaigns, from Newstart to the cashless welfare card and many more.



A fantastic first year: Mehreen Faruqi

It was incredibly exciting to be returned to the Senate at the election, albeit disappointing to see the Liberals are back in government.

The fight continues: Sarah Hanson-Young

While the election campaign has ended, the fight has not. Our work is more important than ever in the face of the climate and extinction crises.

Looking ahead: The National Treasurer

Against seemingly insurmountable challenges, the Greens continue to show the path for a more just and sustainable future.



A global year: International Secretary

In 2019, the international Greens space has been busy and full of exciting developments – with much more to come in 2020.

Summary financial results: The Australian Greens

Summary of the Australian Greens' financial results in 2019.