Jordon Steele-John

Hi, I'm Jordon, and I'm your Senator for Western Australia

Since being elected in 2017, I have spent my time in Parliament fighting for the rights of people the Government wants to keep out of politics. 

I have fought fiercely to improve the lives of disabled people, including the establishment of a Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse Neglect and Exploitation of Disabled People. 

I have formed inquiries to get dental into Medicare, and improve support for people with ADHD. 

And I have campaigned tirelessly to have the government revoke the AUKUS pact, and instead invest in services our community needs. 

I'm proud to represent you, the community, that makes this all possible. 

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Growing up, I never saw anyone like myself in politics, and there were certainly no politicians in my family. 

My early life shaped my views, I learnt that navigating government systems requires fierce self-advocacy and determination. That said, even with those things in play, sometimes that still isn't enough to get you over the line when the system is built against you. 

The political system wasn't built to give a platform to people like you and I, and that's why I never lose sight of the incredible opportunity I have every time I enter the Senate. 

When I joined the Greens, I found a home right away. A community full of people like me, who think about politics differently. When I was elected, I built a team around me that values lived experiences of the community above all else. 

My life has taught me that communities and grassroots movements have the power to create change. When governments refuse, the community is there, ready to take action. 

I have so much work left to do. So now I'm asking you, my community to help make sure I can keep being your Greens Senator for WA. 


"I have spent my career representing people who parliament doesn’t want to represent, holding the government accountable on the issues that matter. I’ve worked hard for my community, and I will continue to do so for as long as I am your Senator for Western Australia."


Senator for Western Australia

Jordon's Portfolios

Disability Rights and Services
Foreign Affairs
Peace & Nuclear Disarmament


Level 1, Office 19, 140 William St, Perth WA 6000
Mailing Address: 1.19, 140 William St, Perth, WA 6000
Phone: (08) 6245 3310

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