Australian Greens Annual Report 2015

From the Co-Convenors: Giz Watson and Penny Allman-Payne

Giz and Penny reflect on a momentous year for the Australian Greens.

From the National Manager: Brett Constable

This past year in the national office was focused on consolidation of existing activities, and planning and preparing for the next election — and with hints of early elections along the way.

From the National Secretary: Alex Schlotzer

For the better part of the year, the new National Council has been diligently working on the things that matter to keeping our party going.


From the National Treasurer: Osman Faruqi

Despite the challenging financial situation foreshadowed at the 2014 National Conference and the complexities of transitioning to a new structure for party governance, the Australian Greens is continuing to grow.

From the Policy Committee: Catherine Garner

This year the work of the Policy Coordinating Committee has been focused on the policy review, which included a comprehensive review of more than forty-five policies in nine months.

From the International Secretary: Josh Wyndham-Kidd

Our international work over the past year have set us up well for a federal election year in which the overseas vote will be crucial, and to run and win globally networked campaigns in future.


From the Leader: Senator Richard Di Natale

It has been a huge year in politics and the Greens have so much we can be proud of.

From Adam Bandt, MP for Melbourne: Adam Bandt

The past 12 months were huge for our office and the Greens.

From the Senator for South Australia: Senator Sarah Hanson-Young

In the last 12 months we have seen the Abbott Government decline further into chaos, with Labor trailing not too far behind in their footsteps.


From the Co-Deputy Leader: Senator Scott Ludlam

The past 12 months have emerged as formative ones for Australia’s political future.

From the Outgoing Greens Leader: Senator Christine Milne

For me, life after parliament will not be life without politics and activism. I'll always be a Green, ready to be an additional pair of hands to assist with whatever needs to be done.

From the Senator for NSW: Senator Lee Rhiannon

Two years under the Abbott government has been devastating for most Australians and the environment.


From the Senator for Victoria: Senator Janet Rice

After my first full year in the Senate, this government has shown itself to be more out of touch with the concerns of Australians and our environment than any other.

From the Senator for Western Australia: Senator Rachel Siewert

2015 has been a whirlwind year marked by highs and lows on a journey to making a caring and sustainable Australia we can all be proud of.

From the Co-Deputy Leader: Senator Larissa Waters

It has been a year of hard-fought wins, and I’m proud to be part of your Senate team that has managed to achieve an enormous amount along the way.


From the Senator for Tasmania: Senator Peter Whish-Wilson

Looking back on the year in which the Abbott Government entered the twilight zone, it's hard to recall a time when politics in this country has been so bizarre.

From the Senator for South Australia: Senator Penny Wright

This is my last chance to speak to you as a Greens senator for South Australia as I have made a decision to retire.

Summary Financial Results: The Australian Greens

Income and expenditure statements for 2015.