The Greens’ plan to make sure politics works for you, not big corporations and billionaires

People have lost confidence in politicians. There’s too many dirty donations, dodgy deals, a revolving door between politicians and big corporations, and no Independent Commission Against Corruption. 

Big corporations and billionaires have too much power over politicians.  Liberal & Labor take millions in donations from big corporations and billionaires, they will never put people first. 

We have to clean up parliament, and support a diverse local media that reports the truth, so that politicians are accountable to the people, not the big donors. 

The Greens will deliver a strong, Independent National Integrity Commission. We will lift parliamentary standards, establish donation caps, and shut the revolving doors between government and corporate boards. 

Strengthening our democracy benefits everyone. We will stamp out corruption and cap the influence of big corporations and billionaires to ensure politics works for everyone, not just the rich and powerful.

Did you know:
The Greens don’t take donations from big corporations, so you can trust that we will put the people first.

Photo of a smiling person. Text reads, Governments should be making decisions that benefit everyone, not just billionaires and big corporations

Clean Up Politics

A never-ending torrent of scandals, rorts, pork barrelling and dodgy deals have pushed trust in politics to an all-time low. Liberal and Labor are only looking after themselves and their donors, rather than the rest of us. 

In the last three years, Australia’s coal, oil and gas corporations have donated at least $2 million to the Liberal National Party and $1 million to the Labor Party.

The Greens plan includes:

  • Creation of a strong Federal integrity commission to shine a light on corruption and unethical behaviour, and hold corrupt politicians accountable
  • Get dirty money out of politics. We will ban all donations from coal and gas corporations, and cap all other donations to $1,000 per year. 
  • Lift parliamentary standards with an enforceable Code of Conduct. Introduce truth in political advertising laws, and ensure public money is not being used to promote political party interests.
  • Fund the Australian National Audit Office to audit all government programs and stop the rorting of public funds  
  • Stop Ministers taking cushy industry jobs in industries they used to regulate within 5 years of leaving parliament

Clean Up Politics 

Photo of a smiling person. Text reads, Quality journalism is at the heart of a healthy democracy

Media Diversity

Media ownership is becoming more and more concentrated in the hands of powerful people like Rupert Murdoch, and his fossil fuel mates.

It drives a  national agenda which suits their interest, and includes climate denialism, racist attacks and character assassinations. Meanwhile, the ABC is under attack. 

The Morrison Government have cut more than $783 million of ABC funding. 

The Greens plan includes:

  • Strengthen media diversity in Australia
  • Protect the independence of the ABC and SBS by restoring Coalition funding cuts, recovering jobs at the ABC, and ending  advertising on the SBS
  • Taking on the Murdoch media monopoly, by establishing a Royal Commission in the Murdoch media empire to look into its market dominance and its impact on democracy in Australia
  • Stop the spread of misinformation and hate by strengthening the powers of The Australian Communications and Media Authority, ensuring a high standard of truthfulness and journalist ethics.  
  • Protect press freedom by protecting the rights of journalists.  

Media Diversity 

Photo of a smiling person. Text reads, Politicians should represent us, not big corporations

No More Dirty Donations

Every year, tens of billions of dollars of public money that could be going to schools and hospitals goes into the bank accounts of fossil fuel companies. In return, fossil fuel companies donate to Liberal and Labor.

By donating $11 million to political parties, coal and gas corporations are slowing down climate action.

It’s time to ban all political donations from the fossil fuel sector and close the revolving door between politicians and the coal and gas industry.

The Greens plan includes:

  • Stop the massive subsidies to big coal, oil and gas corporations - over $10b each year and reinvest the money into the clean energy transition 
  • Make polluters pay for the damage they cause to people and the environment, by implementing a carbon price and levy on climate pollution we export
  • Ban all political donations from the mining and resources sector (and other dirty industries) and cap all other donations at $1000 per year 
  • Stop Resource Ministers and advisers from working for the fossil fuel industry within five years of leaving parliament
  • Publish a register of meetings between Ministers and mining lobbyists to improve transparency and shine a light on dodgy deals
  • Deliver a strong, independent national corruption watchdog that will be retrospective, can act on tipoffs, and holds public hearings
  • Deliver a Code of Conduct for all politicians and senior staff that ensures fossil fuel billionaires cannot buy political outcomes that favour them

No More Dirty Donations 

Together, we’re powerful.

We're fighting to get real climate action, make the big corporations and billionaires pay their fair share of tax, and get dental and mental health in Medicare. The Greens are fighting for your future.