Ending Corporate Influence

Labor and Liberal parties are putting the interests of their big corporate donors such as the fossil fuel industry ahead of the rest of us. Corporations are not paying their fair share of tax. And the big-four banks are dominating the financial sector through misconduct and price gouging.

The Greens have a plan to restore integrity to politics, our taxation system and our financial sector.


The Greens will ban political donations from corporations so the big business cannot buy influence with politicians. We must end the corrupting influence of big corporate donations on the government and Labor Party. The Labor and Liberal parties put the interests of their big corporate donors ahead of the rest of us, taking huge donations from the mining, banking, gambling and alcohol industries who then have an influence on their policies. It is time to restore integrity to politics by banning donations from corporations so that big business can no longer buy influence with politicians. The Greens will not accept corporate donations, and we’ll make decisions on behalf of all of us.


The Greens will make corporations pay their fair share of tax so that we can fund public infrastructure, schools, parks and public transport. Australians are sick of corporations treating taxation as an optional extra. The Turnbull government wants to give companies tax cuts, every dollar they don’t pay means poorer services and infrastructure for us all. The Greens are committed to stamp out tax avoidance in all its forms.


Australia’s financial sector is dominated by the power of the big-four banks. In the face of ongoing misconduct and price gouging, it’s time for Government to take real action. The Greens will stop the predatory, indecent behaviour of banks and ensure that customers are not getting ripped off, by creating a publicly owned bank.

The Greens will restore integrity to politics, our taxation system and our financial sector by:

  1. Banning donations from the fossil fuel industry, property developers, and tobacco, liquor and gambling industries

  2. Opposing corporate tax cut from 30% to 25%, keeping $2.7 billion in public hands

  3. Establish a government backed People’s Bank that offers a real alternative for everyday personal banking and home buyers, and puts an end to the rent-seeking and profit gouging


Corporations are donating to the Government and Shorten’s Labor Party, meaning the old parties are making decisions in favour of their corporate mates. Nothing demonstrates this more clearly than the $11 billion given in subsidies to the fossil fuel industry compared to $0 for the renewable energy sector in the latest Federal budget. By supporting their corporate mates, the labor and liberal parties are actively contributing to Australia’s increasing greenhouse gas emissions and worsening climate change. It has been reported that we only have three years to reduce greenhouse gas emissions globally before we are locked into a dangerous and uncertain future, so now is the time to ban donations to the two old parties from the fossil fuel industry. The Greens will ban corporate donations to political parties and will take strong, committed action on climate change.