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How to vote this election - Auslan accessible

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Have you thought about where you’ll be voting on Election Day? 

Maybe you’re considering voting early, or by postal vote, or through one of the alternative voting systems in place through the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC).

Allow us to help you to figure it out! Here is a list of all of the accessible ways you can have your say:

Voting via mail

You can vote via mail if you are unable to attend a voting centre that is accessible to you. You need to apply to be able to vote in this way, and you need to send your vote before election day.

Postal vote applications must be submitted to the AEC by no later than 6pm Wednesday 18 May 2022.

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Voting via phone for blind or low vision voters:

You can also securely vote over the phone if you are blind or have low vision. You need to call to register, and then call to vote on election day (or early, if you’d like to!)

More information about voting over the phone ›

Voting via a mobile polling booth

Mobile polling booths are a service sent by the AEC to voters who are in hospital or at a care facility. They are also sent to remote areas.

More information about mobile polling, and whether it applies to you ›

Covid Positive? You can and should still vote!

If you’re concerned about Covid you are able to vote early using one of the methods above. 

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