Your vote is powerful

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This election is really important.

We’re in a global pandemic, the climate crisis is getting worse, and everything is getting more expensive.

As millions of us struggle to pay the bills, billionaires and big corporations are making record profits and don’t pay their fair share of tax.

Liberal and Labor take millions in donations from the billionaires and big corporations. The Greens don’t take big donations, we put the community first.

If just a few hundred votes change, the Greens can be in the balance of power.

The Greens’ plan is for:

  • The billionaires and big corporations pay their fair share of tax,
  • Free dental and mental health as part of Medicare,
  • Make housing more affordable and
  • Phase out coal, oil and gas, and replace it with renewable energy.

The Greens will tackle racism. We will pass a Treaty with First Nations people. And, we will make sure everyone has the same rights.

Join us, so everyone can have a better future.