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Anna Reynolds

Anna Reynolds

Alderman, Hobart City Council

It’s the prospect to create - and protect – progressive change that motivates me to run for election. We will only solve the big challenges ahead of us if we have strong, democratically elected, Green thinking representatives in parliaments all over the world.

Natalie Abboud

Councillor for Moreland City Council, North-East Ward

I’m a Coburg North local, living with my husband and young kids in the northern suburbs, where I was born and raised. I enjoy the livability of our community and will stand for prosperous small business - the backbone of our economy.

Bill Harvey

Alderman, Hobart City Council

Bill Harvey is an Alderman on Hobart City Council, first elected in 2007.

James Searle

James Searle

Yarra City Council, Melba Ward

I'm a Richmond local and I love living in such a diverse and vibrant community. I care about making the City of Yarra as fair and inclusive as it can be and stand for open and transparent local government.

Hillary Morris Gosford Greens Councillor

Hillary Morris

Councillor, Gosford City Council

Hillary Morris was elected to Gosford City Council in September 2012. She has been a member of the Greens for over eight years.  During this time she also stood for the seat of Peats (now Gosford) in the 2007 State Election, has been the past publicity officer and has been involved in every election campaign since 2000.

Josh Fergeus

Monash City Council, Oakleigh Ward

I’m a Mount Waverley local, born and raised, and I love the diversity and vibrancy of my community. I care about making Monash as fair and inclusive as it can be and will stand for open and transparent local government.

Richard Atkinson

Councillor, Kingborough Council

Richard was elected to the Kingborough Council in October 2014. He is working to promote sound financial management, environmental protection, climate-change response, integrated transport, social inclusion and community development.

Amanda Stone

Yarra City Council, Langridge Ward

I'm an Abbotsford local and I love living in such a diverse and vibrant community. I care about making Yarra as fair and inclusive as it can be and stand for open and transparent local government.

Rohan Leppart

Rohan Leppert

City of Melbourne

I have loved representing and working with City of Melbourne communities since my election to Council in 2012. My work on Council focuses on building the strength of our communities, and their access to democratic decision-making processes during this time of unprecedented growth. I am keen to ensure that Council's decisions are always grounded in social justice and environmental sustainability.

Tim Baxter

Port Phillip City Council, Canal Ward

I'm a Balaclava local with a young family, dedicated to planning ahead for our community’s future. I care about promoting sustainable development, equal marriage, welcoming refugees and strong action on climate change.

Philip Cocker

Alderman, Hobart City Council

Philip Cocker is a Hobart City Council Alderman who Chairs the Council’s Finance, Audit and Superannuation Committees. He has run small businesses and worked in Law Enforcement.  

Jonathon Marsden

Hobsons Bay Council, Strand Ward

I’m a Williamstown local and I believe in transparent and accountable local government. I care about improving the provision of public services and will stand to ensure that Hobsons Bay is as peaceful and dynamic as it can be.

Emma Williams

Alderman, Launceston City Council

Emma is an alderman with the City of Launceston. She brings to this role a background in natural resource management (NRM) and environmental assessment, and experience in community development.

Katherine Copsey

Port Phillip Council, Lake Ward

I’m a local and I’m passionate about community engagement, a safe environment and a thriving local economy.

Kay McFarlane

Alderman, Clarence City Council

Kay has been a Greens Alderman on Clarence City Council for nine years and has always promoted a ‘common sense’ approach to decision making that is inclusive and effective.

Peter Castaldo

Peter Castaldo

Banyule City Council, Griffin Ward

As a Banyule local, I stand for a clean and healthy environment and improved investment in essential public infrastructure.

Simon Crawford

Maribyrnong Council, Yarraville Ward

Having lived in Maribyrnong City for six years, I love raising my family in such a beautiful community. I care about making Maribyrnong as fair and inclusive as it can be and will stand for open and transparent local government.

Matthew Kirwan

Matthew Kirwan

Greater Dandenong City, Redgum Ward

I'm passionate about improving community development initiatives, increasing civic participation, retaining our regions unique liveability by increasing open spaces, and preserving local history.

Jennifer Alden

Jennifer Alden

Greater Bendigo, Lockwood Ward

As your elected representative I will be your community voice. Having lived in Lockwood ward for over 20 years I am keen to listen to local communities, support local initiatives and speak up for those who have been forgotten.

Michael Schilling Greens candidate for Cardinia Central Ward

Michael Schilling

Cardinia Shire Council, Central Ward

Michael is a passionate local, who cares about the community he lives in. As an Emergency Nurse specialising in Paediatrics and having worked within the Cardinia Shire Council providing support to young people with a disability, Michael has a solid understanding of the support needs of families.

Samantha Ratnam

Moreland City Council, South Ward

I’m a Brunswick local and I love working closely with my community. I care about making Moreland an even better place to live that cares for people and the environment. I will stand for open and transparent local government.

Helen Burnet

Alderman, Hobart City Council

Helen is a committed advocate for social justice and our built and natural environment. Since being elected to Hobart City Council in 2005, she has championed a broad range of social and environmental issues affecting the Tasmanian community, including people-focussed urban design, regional planning, care of waterways, heritage and the arts.

Mike McEvoy

Yarra City Council, Nicholls Ward

I’m a Fitzroy North local, committed to helping facilitate community action to address climate change. I care about creating open and fair leadership and stand for creating a more inclusive government in Nicholls Ward.

Jenny O'Connor Greens candidate for Indi

Jenny O'Connor

Shire of Indigo

Jenny works as a health professional in the primary health sector. A sixth generation Northeast Victorian and former small business owner, Jenny is well placed to comment on policy areas that impact on the well-being of rural people.

Ogy Simic

Port Phillip City Council, Gateway Ward

I’m a Port Phillip local and am proud to be part of this vibrant and caring community. I’m passionate about making Port Phillip fair and inclusive for everyone and I will stand up for open and transparent local government.

Councillor Duncan Dey

Duncan Dey

Councillor for Byron Shire

I am committed to The Greens’ fundamental objectives of promoting social, economic and political change in accordance with our four wonderful principles.  On Council, I represent people who share those objectives.

Clare Davey

Glen Eira Council, Rosstown Ward

A Glen Huntly local, I am passionate about local issues and ensuring that the communities of Glen Eira flourish. I will stand for people, the environment and for decisions that have a positive impact on the lives of Glen Eira residents.

Bronwen Machin

Mount Alexander Shire, Castlemaine Ward

I've lived locally for more than a decade and have served on Castlemaine Council on two separate occasions. I care about our community and will continue working with locals for better environmental and socially just outcomes.

Cathy Oke

Cathy Oke

City of Melbourne

I'm a Kensington local and I love living in such a diverse and vibrant community. I care about making Melbourne as fair and inclusive as it can be and will stand for open and transparent local government.

Councillor for the City of Canterbury, NSW

Linda Eisler

Councillor for the City of Canterbury, NSW

Linda became the first Greens councillor on Canterbury Council in October 2008. She is the Chair of the Environment and Sustainability Committee (which she established), the GreenWay, the Disability Committee, and the Floodplains Management Committee.

She is also on the Arts, Multicultural, Traffic, Southern Sydney Region of Councils (SSROC), Aquatic and Interfaith Committees, and on the Aboriginal Advisory Group.

Stephen Hart

Colac Otway Shire

A Lavers Hill local, I am committed to to helping the disadvantaged and refugees in our community. I will stand to continue improving Council's sustainability, both in terms of the environment and financially.

Dale Martin

Moreland City Council, North-West Ward

I'm a local, passionate about our progressive and culturally diverse community. I care about promoting sustainable development and new clean energy initiatives to keep Moreland liveable.

Trent McCarthy

Darebin City Council, Rucker Ward

I love being part of such a vibrant, diverse and progressive community. I want to make Darebin as inclusive and sustainable as it can be and will continue to stand up for open and transparent local government.

Councillor Michelle Tormey

Michelle Tormey

Councillor for Penrith

Michelle Tormey is the first Greens Councillor to be elected to Penrith City Council and is in her first term on Council.

She was born and raised in the Nepean and has resided in the area with her family her entire life. She is now raising a family in the area.

Jonathan Sri, Councillor for the Gabba

Jonathan Sri

Councillor for the Gabba

Jonathan is the Greens Councillor for the Gabba Ward. He is the first Greens representative in the Brisbane City CouncilFind out more »

Kim Le Cerf

Kim Le Cerf

Darebin Council, Rucker Ward

I’m a Thornbury local and enjoy being able to raise my young family in this vibrant and caring community. I stand to protect the liveability of Darebin and fight for much needed reforms to our planning system.

Susanne Newton

Darebin City Council, La Trobe Ward

As a former Darebin librarian, I know and love our community. I want to contribute to a Council where the community is heard and represented; development is for people, not developers; and make Darebin livable and sustainable for all residents now and into the future

Councillor Pauline Tyrrell

Pauline Tyrrell

Councillor for Canada Bay City

Pauline Tyrrell has been the one Greens Councillor on Canada Bay Council since 2008 (also 2000-2004). She has been Deputy Mayor since 2012 (and 2002–4). Pauline has worked for Council to adopt environmental and social support initiatives, is always helping residents, and is active in many local groups.

Tammy Milne

Tammy Milne

Alderman, Devonport City Council

As an Alderman on Devonport City Council, Tammy is working to bring about sustainable change for a brighter, more vibrant future for the Devonport community.

Steph Amir

Darebin Council, Cazaly Ward

I'm a Preston local living with my partner and proud of my multicultural heritage. I care about making Darebin as fair and inclusive as it can be and will stand for open and transparent local government.

Mark Riley

Moreland City Council, South Ward

I'm a Brunswick local and I love being active and collaborating with people here in Moreland. I care about listening to constituents concerns and suggestions to create positive outcomes for the local community and the whole of Moreland.

Belinda Coates

Ballarat City Council, Central Ward

I have served on the City of Ballarat Council since 2012. I care about creating a more environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive Ballarat.