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Building High Speed Rail

21st century transport in the new economy

After decades of waiting, the time for an investment into east coast high speed rail is now. The Greens will kick start this future-proofing infrastructure project, with a $1.5 billion investment to establish a central coordinating authority, complete environmental assessments and begin rail corridor reservations.

High speed rail between Australia’s eastern mainland cities is a nation building project that will transform how we move around the country and will be central to the shift to a clean economy.

High speed rail’s time has come, but Australia needs courage and vision to get it moving.

Not only would high speed rail provide a zero carbon alternative to flying between our major east coast cities, it would better connect up our cities with our regions.

This project will create thousands of jobs in both metropolitan and regional Australia, provide opportunities for regional growth corridors to take the pressure off our urban fringes and inject decades worth of direct investment into regional communities.

Every continent except Antarctica and Australia is operating or developing high speed rail. It is a standard mode of travel for those living in Europe, Japan and China. North America is set to join them with a high speed rail service currently under construction in California. Now is the time to take action and catch up with the rest of the world on high speed rail.


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