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ADF Wilderness Firefighting Unit

Protecting Australia’s remote areas and communities

As the effects of global warming continue to bite, Australia needs the best possible response to tackle the increasing threat posed by bushfires. The Greens will establish a wilderness firefighting unit within the Australian Defence Force, and purchase three amphibious waterbombers to bolster Australia's aerial firefighting capacity.

The recent fires in Tasmania's precious wilderness, which burned through non-fire adapted forests, should be a wakeup call for our leaders.

For thousands of years, bushfire has been part of the Australian landscape, but the effects of global warming mean more days of extreme heat, drier summers and more dry lightning.

As a result of these factors, already vulnerable Australian landscapes are facing increased frequency and severity of bushfires.

Australia needs to adopt a world's best practice approach to aerial firefighting, and use every means at our disposal to support the efforts of our brave firefighters.


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