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Casino Leaks: Queens Wharf Mega-Casino

Labor and the LNP are keeping Queenslanders in the dark about the Queens Wharf mega-casino. It’s time for that to change

The Queens Wharf mega-casino has some dirty secrets

Labor and the LNP are pushing for a new mega-casino in the heart of Brisbane, with 2,500 dangerous, addictive pokies. This is the biggest asset sale you’ve never heard of.
This mega-casino would completely rely on profits from pokies, which rip off gambling addicts.

Senator Larissa Waters has launched CasinoLeaks to expose this crucial information before it’s too late.

The system is rigged. The proponents of Queens Wharf, Star Entertainment along with their lobbyists, and developer mates have donated $215,560 to Labor and the Liberal/Nationals in the last four years.

Pokies exploit addiction for profit, ripping money from Queenslanders and putting it straight into the pockets of billionaire gambling companies.  It’s time to fight back.  

How to leak about the Queens Wharf mega-casino

Using Parliamentary privilege, we can keep your identity safe from your employer and the authorities.

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You can email Larissa information we can use to help expose the Queens Wharf mega-casino. Click here to email Larissa.

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You can call Larissa’s office to request a confidential face-to-face meeting.  Our number is (+61) 07 3367 0566

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You can mail a USB drive or physical documents anonymously to our office: Office of Senator Larissa Waters, Locked bag 3004, Paddington, QLD, 4064

Which secret documents should be leaked?

If you have any information about the Queens Wharf mega-casino that Labor and the LNP don’t want the public see, please help us expose it.

Labor is refusing to release vital documents. For a project of its size, the lack of public information about the Queens Wharf mega-casino is staggering. Some of the secret documents that we know about are:

  • The land valuation for the Queens Wharf site showing how much this prime real-estate is worth. 
  • The 99-year lease for 10% of the CBD showing how much rent, if any, the government will get. 
  • The casino licence. This key document gives details about the 2,500 poker machines permitted and any conditions, and shows the number of gambling tables and electronic gambling tables which will fit onto the gaming room floor. 
  • The community impact statement showing the damage that 2,500 dangerous, addictive pokies will do to our communities. This document is mandatory and must be released for pubs and clubs, but it’s secret for this mega-casino. 
  • The cost-benefit analysis or business case for the casino. The business case for Queens Wharf is shaky, but no document has ever been released. 
  • A copy of the master plan. Even though demolition is due to commence soon crucial details about public space and the specifications of the new pedestrian bridge are missing. 
  • Results of public consultation about the proposed mega-casino from 2013 which have never been released. The casino does not have majority support, but the government are hiding this fact.

What do we know about Queens Wharf mega-casino?

Here are the facts about Queens Wharf mega-casino:

  • Privatising 10% of the CDB by handing over 26.8 hectares of public land and water in the CBD to private developers on a 99 year lease
  • 2,500 dangerous, addictive pokies
  • 2000 unaffordable luxury apartments and 1100 luxury hotel rooms
  • Commercialisation of public parks, and damage to heritage
  • Biggest development in Brisbane’s history, with almost no consultation

How can we stop it?

It’s not too late to stop this reckless development. Instead of a casino, we could use the site for more schools, affordable housing, public green space and cultural or research facilities. Everyday residents must be in control, not billionaire property developers.

There are many things we can do:

  • If you have access to inside information, use CasinoLeaks to share it with Senator Waters
  • You can join the community movement to stop the casino. Follow Larissa Waters, Jonathan Sri, or Right To The City Brisbane on facebook for updates, and to learn about events and opportunities to get involved.
  • Get in touch with your local Labor or LNP State MP to tell them to put people before property developers and stop the mega-casino

The PokieLeaks campaign

In September 2016, Larissa Waters helped launch the PokieLeaks campaign, working with other Parliamentarians to expose the gambling industry’s dirty secrets. Casino Leaks is the next step.

The gambling industry uses restrictive commercial contracts, confidentiality clauses and threats of legal actions to silence its critics.

The PokieLeaks campaign provides a confidential and safe framework for industry insiders, and people who have experienced poker machine harm, to share their stories.

If you’ve worked in poker machine manufacturing, or a pokies venue, or if you have any information about the dirty tricks this industry routinely uses, now is the time to share.

You can use the contact details above, or visit the campaign website here:

PokieLeaks is available to be used by anyone living in Australia, or overseas.