Our campaigns

Together, we are building a future for all of us.


Stop Supermarket Price Gouging

We must hold Coles and Woolies to account for profiting off the cost of living crisis.

Protect Truth Tellers

Australia's whistleblower laws should protect brave truth tellers.

Menopause Inquiry

Understanding the economic, physical, mental and financial impacts of menopause and perimenopause

Stop Military Exports to Israel

Australia should not be fueling war crimes.

Disability Justice

The Disability Royal Commission recommendations are in. Now it's time for action!

Criminalise Super Theft

Employers who steal from their workers must pay the price.

Casuals Deserve Paid Leave

Everyone should be able to take a break from work without fear of losing their job.

Truth, Treaty, Now!

We must use this moment to drive the real change that will come through Truth, Treaty and the affirmation of Sovereignty. It's going to take all of us.

Right To Disconnect

You deserve a life outside of work. It's time for a legal right to disconnect.

Stop Ableism in Immigration

Join the campaign to stop Ableism in Australia's immigration system

End Gambling Harm

We need to ban all gambling ads and establish a national regulator.

Abolish Mutual Obligations

Mutual obligations are punitive and ineffective. They need to be scrapped.

Reproductive Health

Affordable, safe and accessible abortion, maternity services, contraception and sexual healthcare - no matter where you live

Rent Freeze Now

Under Labor, the housing crisis is getting worse. It's time to make unlimited rent increases illegal.

End Native Forest Logging

Our environmental laws are failing to protect Australia’s native forests.

Four Day Work Week

A 4 day work week with no loss of pay leaves more time for friends, family, rest and play.

Free Julian Assange

It’s time for the Australian government to publicly call for all charges against Julian Assange to be dropped immediately.

Truth-Telling and Justice Commission for WA

In order to move forward together, we need to know our shared past.

Transform ADHD Support

Join our call to transform ADHD diagnosis and support services in Australia

Demand Action

Every child deserves a second chance and to be supported to grow up safe and strong with family and community.

Freeze Student Debt

We desperately need to tackle the student debt crisis. That’s why we introduced a bill to freeze student debt

Protect Toondah Harbour

Walker Corporation is proposing a massive, destructive canal estate in Ramsar-listed wetlands on Moreton Bay.  Tell the Environment Minister that it’s not on!

Housing Crisis

Rents have increased seven times faster than wages over the last year, while millions remain locked out of the housing market.

Stop Scarborough Gas

We’re calling on Labor to stop the Scarborough Gas development. Join us in telling Labor - no new coal and gas.

Free Education for Life

No one should leave TAFE or Uni with a loan that'll take a lifetime to pay off.

Great Southern Reef

Preserving the long-term health and survival of one of Australia’s most critical marine ecosystems.


Stop clearing their habitat

Building A Circular Economy

Our plan to create new green jobs, clean up Australia and protect our oceans.

Rapid Tests Should Be Free

Join the campaign to make COVID-19 rapid tests free and universal

Shut down horse racing

The gambling-fuelled commercial horse racing industry is inhumane, deadly and incompatible with animal welfare.

Caring for Country

A plan that cares for Country and protects Sacred Sites

Decolonise International Aid

Australia has failed the Global South and it is time to reimagine international aid

Free and Unlimited Mental Healthcare

The Greens will ensure everyone gets the mental health care they want and need

No nuclear subs

We must never allow our communities to be nuclearised.

Keep Melbourne Green

Fight for Australia's Coast

Protect our coastlines from new oil and gas exploration

Tax the billionaires

It's time they gave something back.

Family Reunion Visas

It's time to make Australia's broken visa processing system faster, fairer and more affordable

Fix our NDIS

Our NDIS needs to be fixed, and disabled people must be at the centre of the conversation.

It's time for Truth & Treaty

It's time to right the wrongs of this nation’s past and move forward together.

Creative Australia

Our plan will invest in culture, stories, arts and live music – with long term funding arrangements to create secure well-paid jobs

Dental into Medicare

Everyone should be able to use their Medicare card when they go to the dentist, just like going to the doctor. That's why it’s time to get dental into Medicare.

Equality for Women

Women should enjoy equality with men in all aspects of their lives and in our society.

Climate Crisis

Coal and gas are the leading causes of the climate crisis. Labor is making global heating worse by opening new coal mines. 

Labor’s given the go ahead for another coal mine

That's five new coal mines this year! Coal and gas is fuelling the climate crisis, and now Labor is making global heating worse by opening new coal mines.

Save the Murray-Darling

The Murray Darling Basin, our country’s lifeblood, is dying. We need answers, now!

Community Pill testing

We are the only political party with the courage to take this issue on. Join our campaign and help us change Australia’s drug laws for the better.

End religious discrimination of LGBTIQ+ people

Will you help us defeat this latest attack on the LGBTIQA+ community?

Increase JobSeeker

JobSeeker is currently just $44 a day – it's barely changed since 1994. People are living in poverty and this has to change.

Accessible Australia

Let's create a more inclusive, accessible Australia together.

Close the Camps

We will keep fighting until every single person detained on Manus and Nauru is brought to freedom.

End Dirty Donations

Parliament should serve the best interests of all Australians. Those with wealth shouldn’t be able to buy political influence on issues that matter to us all.

Stop the Stage Three Tax Cuts

Scrap tax cuts for for billionaires and the wealthy and fund services to ease the cost of living instead

Lower the Voting Age

It’s time to lower the voting age to 16, take power back and unf#*k our future.

End Live Exports

The Australian Greens are working with animal welfare activists to end live exports. Sign up to stay in touch with the Greens' work to end live export.

Legalise It

Let’s get real about cannabis. The war on drugs has failed. The reality is that Australians choose to use cannabis. Let's just legalise it.