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Dying with Dignity

Providing patients with choices about their health care.

The significant majority of Australians support the right of terminally ill people to end their lives on their own terms. The Greens believe we should respect the wishes of individuals facing ongoing pain and suffering in the grip of terminal illness, and provide the choice of a dignified, pain free death.

Voluntary euthanasia is an emotive topic and has been an ongoing debate in Australia for some time. With more than 75% of Australians supporting the right of a terminally ill person suffering pain to choose a dignified death, it is now time that Australia respected that right and legalised access to physician assisted euthanasia.

The Greens believe our laws should reflect the wishes of individuals with terminal illness who suffer ongoing pain and suffering. Legislation has been adopted in certain US States, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg to protect autonomy and human dignity while upholding the value of human life and safeguarding against abuse. It is time the Australian Parliament passed similar laws.


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