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Man taking photo of graffiti

For a vibrant and independent Australian arts community

transition jobs, coal, void

A just transition and a clean environment

Network switch

The Digital Rights Commissioner will advise governments, departments and the general public on the effect of proposals, programs and legislation, focusing on safety, accessibility, privacy and security for all Australians.

Video game screenshot

The videogames industry is the fastest-growing entertainment industry in the world. In Australia in recent years the industry has generated over $2B in retail revenue, and it continues to grow. It is larger than the local film industry, but receives almost no federal government assistance.


Trade for good, not for corporate interests


Protecting jobs and the environment in the new economy

Science and research

A roadmap to increase R&D investment to 4% of GDP


Relieving the pressures of financial insecurity

Buildings and sky

Standing up to greed and power.

Female scientists at microscope

Our plan to increase Australia’s investment in research and innovation to 4% of GDP.

Solar panel installation

Battery storage will revolutionise our energy system and accelerate the take-up of clean energy. The Greens will redirect money from fossil fuel tax breaks into support for battery storage in homes and businesses. 

Offshore tax

A Comprehensive Tax Integrity Package.