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The Greens will deliver a new Environment Act and new independent National Environment Protection Authority, and real funding for nature. 

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For a vibrant and independent Australian arts community

Logan Central Library

Strong communities need strong community infrastructure. That's why we're proposing a National Community Infrastructure Fund, to build and maintain community centres, sports and leisure facilities, arts and cultural facilities, community gardens, learning centres, libraries, and community services facilities in the places they're needed most.

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The right treatment at the right time.

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Nonviolent global cooperation

transition jobs, coal, void

A just transition and a clean environment

Affordable Housing

The Greens propose an innovative funding mechanism that will boost the supply of affordable housing. 

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Justice and Safety for All Australians at Home and Abroad

Expert. Independent. Transparent.


Caring. Compassionate. Supportive.

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Protecting Australia’s remote areas and communities

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Protecting children from alcohol ads