Investing in our health


The Greens see health as an investment, not a cost. Ensuring that our health system will always be accessible, affordable and universal is our priority. 

The Greens will invest in our hospitals and lock in a long-term funding formula to prevent reckless cuts in the future and stop cost-shifting between governments.

That’s why we have announced a plan to invest in our healthcare by:

  • Restoring the funding model where the Commonwealth and the states share the rising costs in delivering hospital services evenly. 
  • Securing the funding formula for the long term by enshrining it into law, so that the states have some certainty, and so that future governments will require the Senate's approval to reduce the Commonwealth's share of hospital funding.
  • Reinvesting the money private health insurance rebate into public health and hospitals, valued at $10 billion over the next four years and tens of billions over the next decade.

Do you agree that Australians deserve accessible, affordable and universal health care?