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Your Representatives

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Anna Reynolds

Anna Reynolds

Alderman, Hobart City Council

It’s the prospect to create - and protect – progressive change that motivates me to run for election. We will only solve the big challenges ahead of us if we have strong, democratically elected, Green thinking representatives in parliaments all over the world.

Bill Harvey

Alderman, Hobart City Council

Bill Harvey is an Alderman on Hobart City Council, first elected in 2007.

Richard Atkinson

Councillor, Kingborough Council

Richard was elected to the Kingborough Council in October 2014. He is working to promote sound financial management, environmental protection, climate-change response, integrated transport, social inclusion and community development.

Philip Cocker

Alderman, Hobart City Council

Philip Cocker is a Hobart City Council Alderman who Chairs the Council’s Finance, Audit and Superannuation Committees. He has run small businesses and worked in Law Enforcement.  

Kay McFarlane

Alderman, Clarence City Council

Kay has been a Greens Alderman on Clarence City Council for nine years and has always promoted a ‘common sense’ approach to decision making that is inclusive and effective.

Helen Burnet

Alderman, Hobart City Council

Helen is a committed advocate for social justice and our built and natural environment. Since being elected to Hobart City Council in 2005, she has championed a broad range of social and environmental issues affecting the Tasmanian community, including people-focussed urban design, regional planning, care of waterways, heritage and the arts.

Emma Williams

Alderman, Launceston City Council

Emma is an alderman with the City of Launceston. She brings to this role a background in natural resource management (NRM) and environmental assessment, and experience in community development.

Tammy Milne

Tammy Milne

Alderman, Devonport City Council

As an Alderman on Devonport City Council, Tammy is working to bring about sustainable change for a brighter, more vibrant future for the Devonport community.