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Building our clean transport future

The Greens will invest in transport that works for people and our environment.

People are spending too much time stuck in traffic. It’s bad for people and bad for the planet.

We need to urgently reduce our reliance on coal, gas and oil in fuelling how we get around and cut our transport related pollution.

Our transport system needs to be usable by everyone. A world-class public transport system will fix traffic congestion and make our economy more productive.

The Greens believe that the best, most economically efficient way to deliver on these transport objectives is to invest in:

  • A range of efficient public transport projects as first priority, before more urban mega-roads
  • Bicycle and pedestrian friendly cities to increase the amount of travel by walking and cycling
  • World class passenger and freight rail networks to connect our cities and regions and support industry
  • Road safety measures that keep everyone safe, including cyclists and motorcyclists.

Putting public transport first

The Greens will invest an initial $10 billion over four years as the first instalment in a ten year $25 billion commitment to prioritise the public transport that Australians need to fix traffic congestion, reduce pollution and make our cities and towns healthy and liveable.

With this commitment, we are making a strong statement to prioritise public transport over roads. After years of neglect it’s time to invest in public transport and give people the choice to leave their car at home.

The Greens’ commitment will turbo-charge priority projects still awaiting federal funding contributions, such as:

  • $1bn for Sydney light rail connections
  • $1bn for Airport Rail in Melbourne
  • $500m for MAX Light Rail in Perth
  • $500m for the AdeLINK tram network
  • $82m for Hobart Light Rail
  • $2bn for Brisbane Cross River Rail
  • $400m for Canberra Light Rail stage 2

A national fund for bikes and walking

The Greens will establish an Active Transport Fund worth $250 million annually for cycling and walking infrastructure.

The Greens believe active transport infrastructure should be funded by all three levels of government so that local, state and federal governments are working towards a common and integrated vision. The federal government plays a role in funding roads, rail and other infrastructure – the Greens want clean, healthy transport infrastructure included in the federal transport plan.

Keeping everyone safe on our roads

The Greens will commit to $300 million in additional funding for the Black Spot road safety program. We want to see this additional funding flow to urgent and effective road safety fixes, with a particular focus on rural roads and on dangerous black spots that are endangering cyclists and motorcyclists on our roads.

Accelerating the electric vehicle revolution

The Greens are driving the transition from petroleum to electric vehicles, by providing incentives for Australian consumers, businesses and government to take up clean electric vehicle technologies. As a core element of our plan for a clean transport mix, EVs powered by renewables and battery storage will form a key part of our pollution-free future.

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