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Supporting artists

Relieving the pressures of financial insecurity

Artists entertain, challenge and inspire us and are at the core of our cultural life, yet they often struggle to make a living. The Greens have a fully costed plan to support artists to secure a living wage while their income is low and to help them save and plan for their retirement.

Despite the high value of art to our society, rarely does it provide a high income for artists. In fact, many artists often struggle to even make a living wage. Work as an artist is also often casual or insecure, which makes it difficult to save or plan for retirement.

The Greens value the important role that artists play in driving our cultural life and believe that they should be paid to reflect the value that they add to our society.

A living wage

Given the insecure nature of employment in the arts, many artists will at one point or another in their career find themselves unemployed and in need of income support. During these times, work done to perfect their craft will increase employability in the future, but it currently goes unrecognised by the social security system. Furthermore, the requirement to spend time complying with extensive Centrelink mutual obligation requirements leaves less time to develop skills.

Boosting artists' super

Artists often run their own small businesses or earn low wages and therefore do not receive superannuation payments and are unable to adequately save for their retirement. The Greens have a plan to support artists throughout their career and into retirement.

Help artists to create a career

Artists often operate as small businesses, having to account for the costs of materials, equipment, travel, training and venue hire before they can even think about take home pay. The Greens are committed to supporting and promoting Australian artists and their work, and particularly encouraging young and emerging artists as they establish their careers.

Supporting artists in a digital era

Tax offsets, rebates and direct financial support have thus far proven to be a successful way to support the creative industries. However, digitisation is providing great opportunities but also significant challenges to the financial models of artists and the creative sector. This is particularly acute in the area of digital distribution and consumption of creative works.


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