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Sustainable tourism

Protecting jobs and the environment in the new economy

With the end of the mining boom upon us, we now have a responsibility to provide an ongoing sustainable and economic future for our communities. Investment in tourism will bring jobs and economic growth to rural and regional Australia, and encourage the protection of our natural places and the preservation of our heritage and cultural diversity.

Australia's clean, green environment is the drawcard for domestic and international tourists alike. Unlike fossil fuel and other extractive industries, tourism is supported by and supports the protection of our natural places our cultural diversity, and the heritage of our towns and cities.

With targeted support for tourism enterprises and an investment in marketing campaigns to draw visitors, we can go some way to making this transition a reality.

Transforming regional economies

The Greens would contribute $60 million to regional tourism grants to be awarded to local tourism businesses, community groups and local governments on a competitive basis. These grants would be targeted towards rural and regional communities where tourism offers a long-term sustainable economic footing, in particular those areas in economic transition post-mining boom or those currently economically reliant on unsustainable fossil fuel extraction.

These grants would provide capital for infrastructure and service provision that would contribute towards a long term increase visitor numbers. We know that smart investment in tourism infrastructure will tap into the current potential of our tourism industry to grow.

By reducing the economic reliance of regional communities on extractive industries like fossil fuel mining and native forest logging, we can make the inevitable transition to a sustainable future cheaper, faster and more equitable.

The Greens are the only party committed to a sustainable economic future for our rural and regional areas.

Encouraging international visitors

International tourism, with the right investment, has the potential to be a significant component of the new economy beyond the mining boom, but potential visitors need to hear about Australia's natural attractions and cultural experiences to ensure a strong future for our tourism businesses and community enterprises.

The Greens would provide $40 million over four years to Tourism Australia - the body responsible for advertising Australia as a desirable tourism location – to help them share Australian tourism experiences with our international neighbours. This investment could deliver a further return of up to $170 million per year to the Australian economy.

Protecting the places we love in Australia

The Greens will ensure that Australia's precious places and unique cultural heritage are protected, by putting in place environment laws that will stop the biodiversity crisis, save our threatened species, and protect our precious places. We can protect what we love about Australia, now and into the future.

This will ensure that future generations of Australians can visit and experience our country's beauty and culture, protecting the lifestyle we love in Australia.


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