Empowering and supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples

Creating a better future for Australia’s first peoples

The Greens support approaches that empower and invest in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, to create community driven solutions. This process must start by addressing Australia’s unfinished business — we need a national conversation about sovereignty and treaties; justice targets; better funding and meaningful representation.

Sovereignty, treaties and Constitutional Recognition

Australia has unfinished business; the Greens acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have a strong and unbroken connection to the land and sea. To be a truly reconciled nation, it is crucial that we address the issues of sovereignty and treaties. It is past time for these issues to be resolved.

The Greens will provide $30 million in funding to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals, organisations and communities to help advance the national conversation on sovereignty and treaties.

Changing the record on incarceration

Twenty-five years after the final report of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody, there are still too many Aboriginal people incarcerated, and dying in prison

To see meaningful change, the Greens will adopt Change the Record campaign recommendations, including:

  • Setting a national target to reduce incarceration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 
  • Developing a national, whole of government strategy to address incarceration rates. 
  • Undertaking an independent review of laws and policies which contribute to unequal incarceration rates, working to fix the problems in the system. 
  • The Greens will provide $40 million in grant funding for projects to help reduce the rate of incarceration. 

Funding for mental health services and suicide prevention

As part of additional funding announced in our mental health initiative, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples will benefit from:

  • A $400m increase to Primary Health Networks’ flexible mental health funding pool
  • $280m in additional mental health funding for regional, rural and remote communities
  • $40m in funding for a series of strategies to reduce mental health stigma, including a targeted campaign for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. 
  • The immediate expenditure of the $25m already committed to suicide prevention that has never been spent.

Listening to community voices

The Australian Greens are committed to the right of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to self-determination. The Greens have stood against the Northern Territory Intervention imposed by the old parties, including the Stronger Futures legislation. The Greens will abandon the Stronger Futures process. The Greens have also consistently stood against cruel income management measures imposed by the old parties that harm vulnerable people and communities, and disproportionately impact Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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