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Boosting tourism in Victoria's Central Highlands

Growing sustainable local economies for regional Australia

The Australian Greens have pledged $3 million of federal funds to invest in the tourism potential of Victoria’s Central Highlands region and its precious forests, contributing to a sustainable economic future for the area. Increased tourism in the Central Highlands will benefit our rural communities.

Investing in regional tourism

The Greens will contribute $3m to tourism within the Central Highlands region of Victoria area, comprising:

  • Grants to local tourism businesses and community-led tourism attractions. 
  • Funding contributions to local government, to invest in additional services to accommodate increased visitor numbers.

Supporting our forest playgrounds

Investing in tourism and establishing the Great Forest National Park will make sure our forests are intact for future generations, and will ensure sustainable jobs for rural communities in its surrounds.

Ending native forest logging and investing in sustainable jobs

This investment is a plan for moving regional economies beyond the old ‘dig it up and ship it out’ mindset of the 19th and 20th centuries. Instead, we want to work with regional communities to transition to longterm prosperity via industries like regional tourism. 

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