Choose Love, Vote Yes | Australian Greens

Choose Love, Vote Yes

Now is the time for us to stand and fight for marriage equality. Now is the time to show LGBTIQ Australians that they are equal. That they are worthy. And that they are loved.

We know the majority of Australians support marriage equality, but if this vote goes ahead a YES result is not guaranteed – every single vote will matter.

Marriage equality will be won or lost based on the efforts of people like you. Pledge to choose love and vote yes – and get involved!

What You Can Do...

Campaign for love to win

Get involved and do your part. There are opportunities for everyone to take action – every little bit helps. Add your details and join the campaign.

Chip in for love

$25 will help us reach 2000 people with a VOTE YES message. Contribute to help love win. Donate Now!

Care for each other

Check in with others to ensure they’re feeling ok and thank those who are doing their part for marriage equality.

Choose love, vote YES

Vote YES when your ballot arrives. Don’t forget to keep an eye out in the mail and remind your friends to do the same.