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Community Owned Clean Energy

The Greens plan to support Community Owned Clean Energy

The Greens have a vision for every Australian to be able to power their own home or business using the clean energy they generate themselves.

While the old parties hold on to the dirty, polluting industries of the past; the Greens have a plan to to take the power from big polluting business and give it back to the community.

In Germany, 47% of all renewable energy capacity is owned by citizens, farmers and communities. Community-owned projects bring people together and offer clean energy to people and communities directly. They particularly benefit households that face barriers to installing their own clean energy; tenants, people living in apartments or retirement homes with shared ownership.

Our Vision

Imagine our cities with solar panels on every car park and supermarket roof. The Greens have a vision for every Australian to be able to power their own home, business and community with the energy from the sun and the wind that the generate themselves.

Our plan will support the community to come together to generate clean energy. For example, a group of residents whose homes do not receive much direct sunlight might come together and approach a local car park operator to put a solar farm on the roof of the cark park - the business owner gets a fee and the cooperative gets paid for clean energy going into the grid.

Incentivising Investment

To incentive investment in community clean energy projects, our plan means households and businesses will be eligible for tax free profits arising from their investment in community owned clean energy.

Solar Communities

Australians love solar, with over 4 million people already living under solar roofs. The Greens want to enable existing community groups and the growing number of community owner renewables groups to have access to development funding to expand the number of solar roofs in the community. We will establish the Solar Communities Program with funding of $102.9 million.

Powerhouse Start-up Fund

To kick start community owned energy we need to invest in it. The Greens will establish a $150 million start-up fund to get 50 Community Energy powerhouses up and running with up to two years of operational funding. These powerhouses will drive community support and enable rapid growth of these clean energy projects.

Community Power Networks

Our energy market and regulatory environment is both complex and outdated. A part of the Greens plan to modernise our electricity system, we will also be reforming the regulatory environment to make it fit for the technological revolution that is happening around it.

The Greens have been working hard to ensure that Australia's crowd-funding laws support investment in community-owned energy and enable projects to take advantage of people-powered investment.

Supporting the investment environment also requires charitable status rules to extend to this new, innovative area of clean energy investment. This will give clean energy a funding advantage over fossil fuel energy projects.

And finally, electricity market rules need to be modernised to assist all forms of clean energy to be developed quickly. This includes a right to connect to the grid and rebalancing power away from network companies towards individuals, companies and community owned powerhouses.


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