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Improving access to community sport

Our plan for healthier families and communities.

Active kids, healthy kids.

Investment in grassroots sport is an investment in communities. It’s an investment in healthy, happy kids and in the future of Australia’s healthcare system. With rates of childhood obesity sky rocketing in Australia, we need to encourage kids away from the TV and on to the sporting field.

Participation in sport also has the benefit of growing community connections for families and kids. Being active, making friends and sharing in community activities are important building blocks for well-being in all areas of life.

Boosting access to community sport

Ensuring that kids from lower socio-economic backgrounds stay 
active and healthy needs to be a particular priority.

The expense of obtaining equipment can be a real barrier to participating in sport. The Greens' Community Sports initiative will inject $20 million dollars into improved access to sport through: 

  • $10 million in direct financial support to families for costs associated with kids’ participation in sport, such as membership fees. 

  • $9.5 million in grants to help set up local sports libraries where kids and local sports programs can borrow equipment. 

  • $500,000 in assistance to help volunteers and sports clubs navigate the legal and organisational barriers to volunteering, including a hotline and assistance with the cost of qualifications such as first aid certificates.

Support for rural communities

In addition to the Community Sports initiative, the Greens will fund $4m over 4 years for a new Reclink National Program targeting assistance to sports and recreation programs in regional and rural communities with higher levels of disadvantage.

Funding the Reclink model is a prudent investment in building capacity in regional and rural communities to better respond to the needs of thousands of young people experiencing disadvantage.

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