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Accelerating the EV revolution

Increasing the uptake of electric vehicles and building a pollution free transport future.

Transitioning from petrol to EV

The Greens are driving the transition from petroleum to electric vehicles, by providing incentives for Australian consumers, businesses and government to take up clean electric vehicle technologies. As a core element of our plan for a clean transport mix, EVs powered by renewables and battery storage will form a key part of our pollution-free future.

The Greens recognise that, like any new technology, the starting price for an electric vehicle is still above that for a comparative model of a conventional, fossil fuel powered vehicle. The good news is that operating costs for electric vehicles are a lot lower than for a conventional vehicle, both in fuel and maintenance.

The Greens propose a suite of policies that will make it cheaper for Australians to own their first electric vehicle, make it easier to recharge at locations across the country and help plant the seeds of an electric vehicle future for our struggling automotive industry.

EV and our global warming challenge

Australia’s transport sector accounts for 17.4% of our national greenhouse gas emissions. To be serious about tackling climate change, we need to move our vehicle fleet off fossil fuels and plug them into the electricity grid powered by renewable energy under our RenewAustralia package.

Our transport and electricity systems are merging, where the solar panels on our rooves and the batteries in our cars are all part of the one system. Linking these technologies means that motorists will have access to free and clean fuel taking pressure off their budgets and the planet at the same time. Even using renewable energy through the electricity grid will improve its overall efficiency making good use of energy reserves to power up and clean up our transport system. By beginning this transition now, in combination with investment in public transport and active transport infrastructure, we can build a clean, green transport future for Australia.


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Electric car with power cord
Free registration for electric vehicles

We  propose the federal government cover the costs of state vehicle registration fees for new fully electric vehicles for the first 5 years. By covering registration costs, EV will become more price competitive & accessible for all new car purchasers.

Electric car with power cord
Investing in EV infrastructure

We would establish a $151 million fund to provide grants for the installation of EV charging infrastructure across the community including local and state government infrastructure, such as sports ovals, libraries, shopping centres and public car parks.

Cars on the road
Electric vehicle fleet subsidy

To encourage governments and non-government organisations like community home care nursing agencies to invest in an EV fleet, $50 million will be made available to pay for the price gap between electric & conventional vehicles.

Robot in a factory
An Australian EV industry

By changing eligibility requirements for the Automotive Transformation Scheme to include firms involved in the EV & alternative fuel supply chain, we'll support a new clean energy manufacturing industry & retain the skills & knowledge of our current automotive workforce.

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