ALL Greens Events

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Sophie for Perth: Maylands Doorknock and Training

Come help us make history this election!

Melbourne City council door knock

Come join us for this local government door knock

Greens contingent for Free Palestine rally

Join us as we show solidarity with Palestinians and stand up against the occupation!

Let's Win Higgins! Armadale Doorknock

Help us learn from the community to turn Higgins Green!

Kurrajong Doorknock - Reid

Meet at Allambee Street (RSVP for address) on the 2nd of June at 1:30pm for a great doorknock, come chat to your local community about the issues that matter!

Fraser Doorknock - Sunshine West

Let's have persuasive conversations with community members of the west!

Yarra City Council Candidate Launch

Join us as we announce our candidates and hear about our plan for Yarra City Council

All in: Campaign Night + Pizza party

Join us for data entry, recruitment calls and texts and other bits and bobs to support us building power in the community

Local Campaigners Strategy Update (day time session)

Come along and get an update on where our community campaigns are at, receive some training and resources and hear from other campaigners across the state!