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Getting public infrastructure moving

Investing in our future

Government investment in public infrastructure is vital to Australia’s future. The Greens would increase federal funding for productive and transformative infrastructure by up to $75 billion and establish the Australian Infrastructure Bank to manage the financing of this investment.

Building and maintaining productive and transformative infrastructure will create jobs, will maintain and improve our quality of life, and will provide stability in the face of global uncertainty.

Instead of having public money tied up in lazy and speculative investment—particularly the housing market—The Greens want to redirect spending towards the new economy.

The Greens will increase Commonwealth investment in infrastructure by up to $75 billion. This will include the provision of funding for:

  • Clean energy to respond to the threat of climate change
  • Public transport and public housing to address livability and affordability in urban areas
  • Rail upgrades to help shift cars and heavy freight off our roads
  • Telecommunications of the digital age, including the NBN
  • Maintenance of existing assets, particularly local government roads and storm water

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