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Bombardier 415 Superscooper

Protecting Australia’s remote areas and communities

beyond coal and gas

Protecting our land, water, communities and climate

The Greens will establish a Green Buildings fund to harness the massive opportunity to reduce carbon pollution and create healthier places to work.


We will deliver a better deal for renters with new national minimum standards for rental tenancies and support for landlords to meet those standards.

Hardy Reef

Clean energy. Clean water. A Healthy Reef.

Renewable energy

Making it easier to make a difference

Clean energy

The Greens plan to support Community Owned Clean Energy


Ours is the driest inhabited continent on earth with huge coastal cities. We must urgently cut climate pollution, but some dangers are now inevitable. The Greens will double the number of firefighters and protect our communities, funded by a levy on thermal coal exports fuelling global warming.  

Solar panel installation

The mining boom is over, and the world is rapidly moving away from coal.  We need leadership from government to secure a just transition for workers and communities and the jobs of the future. The Greens would help Queensland power our economy on clean energy with our Renew Queensland plan.

Solar panel installation

Battery storage will revolutionise our energy system and accelerate the take-up of clean energy. The Greens will redirect money from fossil fuel tax breaks into support for battery storage in homes and businesses. 

Image of solar panels and wind turbines on a sunny day

Our plan to create Australia’s new clean economy with at least 90% renewables by 2030.

coal heap with an exit sign

A significant structural shift is underway in our economy. Global demand for coal is in terminal decline and with it, thousands of jobs and a debilitating clean-up bill for cash-strapped State governments. It is our responsibility to have a plan to look after these workers and our land.