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Protecting and celebrating our diversity

A comprehensive approach to multiculturalism in Australia.

Multiculturalism is one of Australia’s enduring successes, and it should be protected and celebrated. In a culturally and linguistically diverse society, we have to make sure our Government serves the needs of all Australians. Together we can ensure that Australia prospers.

The Greens believe that Australia’s multiculturalism is an important part of our national identity and has contributed to making Australia a prosperous nation. With over 85% of Australians agreeing that multiculturalism is good for our country and a quarter of our citizens hailing from overseas, it’s something we should work hard to promote and protect.

Our multiculturalism is something to be proud of, and to celebrate. But we also need to make sure that our Government, our schools, workplaces and services are well placed to empower and support our migrant communities.

The Greens have listened to the migrant community in Australia, and will ensure that the right resources, tools and opportunities are available through a number of key multiculturalism measures to make sure all Australians are empowered to participate in Australian society.

Our Plan

The Greens will:

  • work towards the establishment of a National Multiculturalism Act
  • introduce programs to promote diversity in the workplace
  • protect the integrity of the Racial Discrimination Act
  • increase Australia’s humanitarian intake
  • broaden eligibility for migration to better take account of people escaping family violence
  • improve the data about mental health needs to better inform service planning
  • improve access to domestic violence services
  • respect and promote diversity in early childhood education
  • stand up for fair funding for SBS
  • champion the establishment of an Australian Centre for Social Cohesion

Multiculturalism Act

National legislation on multiculturalism would not only recognise the enormous contribution of migrant communities to Australian life, but also work as a base from which to enhance and protect rights and opportunities of multicultural communities. Legislation like this has been demonstrated to be a success in countries like Canada.

The Greens will commence a national stakeholder consultation to develop this national framework through establishment of a Joint Select Committee, ensuring the voices of the community and key stakeholders are heard. A national legislative framework would be a critical step in taking a whole-of-Government approach to multiculturalism, embedding these principles across all the work of various Departments, and making it clear as a priority of Government.

The Greens are also committed to moving multicultural affairs back into the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. This is the best means of driving a whole-of-government approach to multiculturalism across various departments.

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The Greens’ bold and responsible plan, A Better Way, will see us increase the number of people Australia helps from 13,750 to 50,000 people who are in need of protection each year.

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Social cohesion

Since 2015, the Greens have had legislation before the Parliament for an Australian Centre for Social Cohesion, an independent centre that would work to combat racism and prevent violent extremism.

Broadcasting for all

The Greens will reverse the harsh Abbott-Turnbull cuts to SBS, restoring $8.3 million in funding to ensure that it can continue to support CALD communities, and make Australia a more cohesive, a more equitable and a more harmonious society.

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Protecting the RDA

Our Racial Discrimination Act has served Australia well, striking the right balance between freedom of speech and protecting people against racial vilification. We will stand up to attempts to repeal Section 18C.

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