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Supporting older Australians

Working for a high quality aged care system.

Supporting older australians

The Greens will stand up for older Australians. Our vision is for older Australians to be able to continue to participate fully in their communities and have their skills, life experience and contributions recognised. We will support older Australians in the workplace, and work for a high quality aged care system.

A National Strategy for Mature Age Workers

An adequate income is important in the decades before people retire. But many workers who may find themselves outside the workforce can struggle to re-enter it.

Strategies to improve mature age participation will ensure that Australian workplaces continue to benefit from the experience and insight of mature age workers, and help provide more options to mature age workers re-entering the workforce, or transitioning between roles.

Increased Job Active Support

The Greens will increase the level of employment services available for eligible job seekers aged 45+. From 1 July 2017, individuals aged 45+ who are eligible for jobactive services will be able to receive more support (Stream B assistance), at a cost of $264.4m over four years.

The Greens will enable job seekers aged 45+ who are currently receiving jobactive Stream A support to volunteer for more targeted support (Stream B). This will provide opportunities for more targeted case management. Job service providers will receive more funding for mature age job seekers, enabling them to provide more in-depth services that focus on individual needs.

Funding for better Dementia Care

Dementia already impacts hundreds of thousands of Australians, and the numbers will grow as our population ages. The Greens will provide $132.8m over four years to improve dementia support, including:

  • $20m for post diagnostic dementia services and supports, including expanding the National Dementia Helpline and funding to improve access to dementia services by diverse groups, including those who currently do not access existing dementia services and resources.
  • $64m to develop dementia care and support, including developing a dementia-respite supplement, and developing a consumer initiative to support individuals with dementia in navigating the aged care system.

Opposing Coalition Cuts

The Greens will oppose Coalition cuts in key areas, to make sure our aged care system has the funding it needs.

The Greens oppose Coalition cuts of over $1.6 billion to the Aged Care Funding Instrument. Consumers and aged care service providers have raised concerns about the impacts of these cuts. They are short sighted and ad-hoc cuts that will impact on the care older Australians are receiving. The Greens want a full cost of care study to provide an in-depth understanding of the costs of providing appropriate care for individuals with different needs.

The Greens will also oppose aged care workforce cuts. In the 2014-15 Budget the Coalition cut $652.7m by removing the Aged Care Payroll Tax Supplement. The Greens will oppose this cut, to improve support for the aged care sector.

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