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Reject Trump

We reject Donald Trump

Like millions of Australians, we’re appalled at the election of Donald Trump. We share your feelings of anger and devastation that a man who was elected on a platform of racism, division and fear is now President of the United States. His time in office so far could easily be confused for that of a belligerent, narcissistic, petulant, misogynistic, racist, ill-informed fool who poses a significant threat to global peace and security.

Back home, the old parties are enthusiastically supporting Trump and are working closely with his regime. We will not be joining them. From today, and for as long as it takes, we make the commitment to stand against Trump’s politics of fear and division.

The antidote to Donald Trump

We pledge to you that we will act as Australia’s antidote to Donald Trump, to stand against the corruption, complacency and incompetence that has led to this deeply troubling moment. We will be your voice inside Parliament, fighting like hell to ensure nobody like Trump occupies power in Australia.

To every Australian who feels disgusted, shocked and let down by America and our political leaders’ response: you are not alone. We hear you. The Greens hear your voice. Now, join with us in opposition to the politics of racism, misogyny and nationalism that Donald Trump represents.