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Repowering our homes and businesses

Making it easier to make a difference

Australians love solar energy. We all want to do our bit for global warming. We all want to take power back from energy companies, take control of our electricity bills, reduce pollution and create more solar jobs. The Greens have a package to allow every Australian who wants to install solar to do so.

The Greens have already laid down a plan to RenewAustralia through jobs and investment in large scale clean energy projects. This alone would turn Australia from one of the dirtiest power systems in the world to one of the cleanest by 2030.

But we cannot achieve at least 90% clean energy without changing laws and incentives that empower everyday Australians to take control of their own energy in their households and workplaces.

In addition to our announcements on battery storage and community-owned clean energy, the Greens plan will enable every home and every business that wants to create its own clean power to do so – and use energy more efficiently – whether people own, rent or live in public or community housing.

This suite of measures is aimed at breaking down all the barriers that prevent businesses and households from installing clean energy and using it as efficiently as possible. We want to help consumers take power away from big energy companies and democratise our energy system.

Australians want to do their own bit to reduce pollution. The Greens want to enable them to take control of their power bills. Australians love adopting new technologies and we love supporting new Australian businesses. All these aspirations can be achieved through RenewAustralia – repowering our homes and businesses.

Rooftop Solar for Every Home, School and Business

Australians love solar power. We have more solar per capita than any other country on earth, but there are still many barriers that make it hard for people to put solar on the roof of their home or business – particularly for tenants and people who live in apartments.

No upfront costs

Many people are financially challenged by the up-front costs of installing solar power. The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC), which the Greens established in the previous Parliament, is already working with energy companies to offer solar installations without a single cent being paid up front. Occupants pay back the money over time with the amount they are saving on their energy bill.

A fair price for solar

The Greens don't want energy companies being able to profit from solar households feeding power back into the grid. The Greens in Federal and State Parliaments will fight to ensure that solar owners are paid a fair amount for the power they produce. We also want solar homes and businesses to be protected from fees and charges likely to be imposed by electricity networks clawing back their diminishing revenues as our electricity system decentralises and consumers become empowered.

Sustainable schools program

The Greens will implement a national roll-out of the successful Tasmanian program run by former Greens Schools Minister, Senator Nick McKim. Grant funding of $192 million would be available for schools across Australia to invest in solar panels, energy efficiency measures and retrofits that will save schools money year-on-year that they can re-invest into their classrooms.

A right to solar for renters

The Greens around the country will advocate for national harmonisation of state laws to give tenants in rental properties or commercial leases a 'right to solar' allowing them to apply for no up-front cost solar and ensuring that a landlord cannot unreasonably refuse.

Let the light shine in on apartments

People living in apartments and shared tenancies cannot simply install solar like other households. The federal and state Greens MPs will continue work to reform rules governing body corporates and owners' corporations so that apartment occupants can benefit from shared solar.

Democratise our energy system

Our electricity market is broken, the incentives are all wrong and it is poorly suited to meet the urgent need of reducing Australia's pollution levels from the electricity sector.


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