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Ending corporate tax avoidance

A Comprehensive Tax Integrity Package.

Tax reform starts at the top, not the bottom

Taxation is the price of doing business in a prosperous society like Australia. All businesses need to pay their fair share. Australians are sick of multi-nationals treating taxation as an optional extra. Every dollar they don’t pay means poorer services and infrastructure for us all.

The Greens have a strong record of exposing and clamping down on tax avoidance. We initiated the nationally significant senate inquiry, we strengthened tax disclosure and financial reporting laws, and now we are proposing the most comprehensive crackdown on tax avoidance this country has ever seen.

The Australian public is outraged with the depth and breadth of tax avoidance practices exposed by the senate inquiry into multi-national tax avoidance. The scale of this tax avoidance requires an equally sized response.

The Greens are committed to stamp out tax avoidance in all its forms. However, the Turnbull government wants to give those same companies and wealthy individuals tax cuts. And Labor has only offered a limited and narrow set of policy measures to date.

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18 measures across four areas

Only the Greens have ruled out supporting company and income tax cuts this election, and now we have prepared the most comprehensive response to tax avoidance ever announced in Australia.

This policy will raise at least $1.69 billion additional revenue to spend on essential services and infrastructure. As these tax integrity measures begin to bite we will see an uptake in corporate tax payments made in Australia which will improve the budget bottom line over time. 

The Greens measures are aimed at four key areas to combat the scourge of tax avoidance across enforcement, tax law changes, enhanced public disclosure and global diplomacy.

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